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for the board of education for october 23rd october, 23012, is called to order. >> commissioner fewer. >> here. >> miss maufus? >> here. >> miss mazzucco and dr. merasi? >> present. >> miss wynns? >> dr. murase? >> here. >> thank you. >> mr. yee? >> present. >> thank you. >> and miss wong here. >> and miss ly. >> here. >> i would like to stand up and joint us for the pledge of allegiance.
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okay. we are going to we have a fairly nice agenda for today and hopefully we will zip there it. >> item a, approval of board minutes of may, 8, 22, october 9ed. >> any objections? >> seeing none? >> mr. yee. >> yes. miss fewer. >> yes. >> maufus, yes. >> miss norton. >> miss wynn? aye. >> and mr. yee. aye. >> item b. >> presentation of the board of
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education superintendant report. >> superintendant carranza? >> thank you, members of the board and the public and good evening this evening and i am very excited to say thank you for joining us and as you can tell, we are very, very excited because before i shared my thoughts for the evening, i want to say go giants. >> yes. [ applause ] >> so, we want to congratulate our home town giants on a great, great playoff season. and victory in the world series. so, what i would like to do is share a few comments with you this evening. we were very, very honored, a couple of nights ago to be part of the university of california san francisco community partnership's fourth annual partnership's celebration. this took place on october 18th and i am pleased to announce that two of our collaborations were honored that evening. the first of which was the learner and community partnership award, which went
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to our physical education partnership and that is comprised of the pd department, shape up san francisco and our lead department. they were awarded for forming a pe advocates team that examined the quality and quantity of the pe offered in the san francisco unified school district. we were also recognized for our partnership for our staff award and this went to a program called enhancing young woman's health through university partnerships. it is an innovative program, it is a 12 partnership between ucsf woman's health and usfd school health and wellness centers. i want to thank all of the staff members and all of the staff members from ucsf from their collaboration and particularly to claudia, and
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steven. speaking of partnerships i would like to call your attention to one of our strongest partnership and that is the bridge to success program. and that is a partnership between the city and county of san francisco, the department of children, youth and families, san francisco unified school districts, city college, and san francisco state university. you will see available out in the foyer, some information regarding this partnership. and the goals of this partnership are actually very simple. the goal is that we want to create a strong college and career pathway that is pre-k through post secondary in our city. the brochure is available for your information and it will highlight the work and activitis that happens, including a college fair that happens every year, parties for incoming freshman and i want you to know that the last registration party that we held
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at three different sites enroll for the classes. for more information visit i want to want marine karo in helping us to make that a reality. and i want to update everyone about the practical steps that we are doing to build the instructional core for our students. one of the core, and you will hear more from the board of education, the redesign of services for our special needs students which we know means looking differently at how we offer our general education services for all students, to support our school in learning and planning around these strategies we have had over 550 of our staff members participate in professional development in ininclusive practices and response to
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intervention, which we call rti. i am very much looking forward to schools refining and implementing these plans, to help us to continue our culture shift and practices to students providing services for students with disabilities. >> and i want to thank the educate ors who have taken advantage of these professional development opportunities, this is also a reminder to all of our families that we will hold the enrollment fair on saturday november third, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p p.m. at the concourse exhibition center east hall and that is located at 620, 7th street. this is an opportunity to meet the faculty, staff and parents from the sfusd schools and to learn more about what the schools have to offer and more about the enrollment process
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and help with the questions that the parents may have. >> if you want more information, visit i also want to tell you about the articles. and today's article focused on dual language programs in the schools and i encourage you to pull that up on-line and take a hard copy as well. and finally we said again and i will keep reminding folks that tuesday, november the 6th is a very, very important day. and it is election day. so, please remember to go out and vote, please vote your conscience. but whatever you do, vote. you need to vote. and please consider all of the measures on the ballot very carefully. our schools in our state really
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depend on you voting. finally i am going to end the way that i started my comments, go giants. [ applause ] >> okay. thank you, superintendant. we are going to move on to item c, recognitions and resolutions of commendation. >> i will call on superintendant carranza for awards. >> thank you, president yee, at this point i would like to ask principal michael rical if he is here to come forward and introduce to us our rave distinguished service award recipient for this evening.
10:23 am
it is my pleasure to be here as the principal of a middle school but also as a musician and as a student. because the person that i would like to introduce you to today, sherry whitney is not only a teach ner my school, she is also a teacher for me and a teacher that i never had, so i want to thank her for that as well. to give you a little context. she is the band director and when i met her about five years ago i was astonished at her description of what she did. and furthermore, i was surprised at what her students were able to produce. i have been in a lot of middle schools as well and my 17-year-old career and never have i heard of a developing group and it comes out in what they play and how they behalf
10:24 am
and how they act and how they work as a unit. how they are able to go into a an organization and go out and get the seats out and clean up everything and it is something that goes beyond just being able to place a piece, it is a cultivation that comes from someone's urgency to use every moment and you don't do that without dedication, you don't create a jazz band that can play at a college level in middle school unless you are there every morning before school with your kids on your own time. you don't do that unless you are willing to go out of your way to raise money for instruments you don't do that unless you are willing to take the adhoc principal and give him lessons because you are going beyond your job description, i am willing to do whatever it takes, because i love it and i want to thank her
10:25 am
and introduce her to all of you today. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> i am extremely moved and very touched by this award, i have a list so if you have a baton, and you want to cut me off, just start singing or something, like the academy awards. because that is how i feel. in my career, which has been a long career, i have never had this, anything like this happen to me. i would like to thank the school board for setting up these rave awards, thank you so much. there is all kinds of music
10:26 am
teachers out there that all do special jobs. and i'm touched and honored to be singled out among you. can you please rise? if you are a music teach er in this district? >> i would like to say that i appreciate your support as a administrator, we can't do it, it takes a village, doesn't it. of course, my husband is here. you see i am going a bit. you can't give a band director a microphone. my friends and colleagues, the visual and performing arts department in the san francisco unified school district is extremely special, that is rob daniels is back there, can you please rise? thank you so much.
10:27 am
and sally, i can call her my great friend. sally ryan. who hired me. and by the way it is her birthday. >> yes. ♪ ♪happy birthday to you ♪ >> louder ♪happy birthday dear, sally. ♪ >> and of course, aim, the association of the ininstructors of music that is extremely special too. i have been a teacher in other district and that is one of the things that makes us special. jillhendricks. and last but not least i feel blessed because i have the most
10:28 am
wonderful students in the world and the parents that the parents are just phenomenally great and now i will sit down and be quiet. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you, miss whitney. well deserved. and at this point, i would like to ask orla okief to come forward to introduce to us the rave special service award winners. >> good evening, superintendants and commissioners. i am pleased to be able to announce this awart for the student nutrition team of wilkens and orteza who have been nominated by their colleagues and i would like to read out in what was shared in congratulating them and thanking them for their support. they were nominated because
10:29 am
they secured a donation and i don't know if you would like to come here and wait that will be great while we sing your praises. you can feel comfortable. and that they secured a donation 3,000 lunches and snacks for the third annual sf promise college, and career expo and they did not only save more than $5,000, but the donation was delivered and supervised and they helped to supervise the distribution of the meals and some of the qualities, are examplely follow through, and friendly, customer oriented service, strategic out of the box thinking and creative problem solvers and really nice to work with and going way beyond what is expected of them. for the past three years, they have worked to help provide meals for over 3,000

October 27, 2012 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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